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Card Access Systems

Pratik Kart Card Access Systems is one of the most preferred product groups in pass control systems in Turkey. Ease of installation and usage as well as successful technological infrastructure are the distinctive features of the products.

Card Access Systems

Pratik Kart's Card Access Systems creates smart pass systems suited for all kinds of industrial use. Residential compounds, offices, factories, schools, hospitals or hotels; Pratik Card products, suitable for all usage purposes, is one of the reliable solutions in its field with its large card memory and two-way usage feature.


Password Access Systems

Designed for scenarios where password access is required to be used instead of a card-based solution, Password Access Systems can function both with a card and a password when needed. Obviating the need for carrying hundreds of keys in large industrial living spaces, these products make your work easier with easy installation and use.


Card Models

Pratik offers you the Fish Key and Smart Card options in accordance with your usage purpose. Both products aim to make your access control system more practical, reliable and comfortable.


RS485 Connection Systems

With the RS485 Connection Systems, you can keep track of, document and archive all instances of access through the doors utilizing the products on your computer along with the name, history and time information. The products feature fast programming capability and are designed for two-way usage.

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