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Card Access Systems

Pratik Kart Card Access Systems is one of the most preferred product groups in pass control systems in Turkey. Ease of installation and usage as well as successful technological infrastructure are the distinctive features of the products.


Model No: Pratik CRS

Description: Pratik CRS Card Pass System


  • Highly Practical: Show your fish key and let the door open!
  • Easy Installation: Installed into your door easily without causing any damage
  • Fast Programming: You only need to register your fish key or card to open all of your doors.
  • Operational Voltage: 12V-24V AC / DC
  • Two-way Usage: Pratik C card pass device features led display on both sides and functions in a two-way configuration.
  • Data Output: RS485

Wide Usage Areas

  • Compound, Apartment Block Entrance Doors
  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Turnstyles, Barriers


Model No: Pratik ACM KP

Description: Pratik ACM Control Panel

Access Control Panel Features

  • Register up to 50000 users.
  • Record up to 500000 movement activity. Movement memory is wiped when records are transferred to PC.
  • 10 readers can be connected to 1 panel.
  • Performs anti-passback control
  • Communicates with the PC via TCP/IP protocol.
  • Proximity is suited for operation in combination with card readers.
  • Performs areal capacity checks, preventing access into the area when the capacity is reached.
  • Displays the connected readers on the screen.
  • Displays the number of movement records on the screen.
  • Sends the authorized movements, unauthorized movements and the cards unregistered in the system to the PC with different codes.
  • Can send relay opening periods to the card readers parametrically with the open relay command.
  • Works with 5V DC 2A energy.

Technical Specifications

  • Display: 3.5” Colored TFT Screen
  • Memory: Internal 256 MB Flash Drive, External 2 GB SD Card
  • Number of Users: 50000
  • Record Memory: 200000
  • RAM: 64 MB
  • CPU: Samsung ARM9 400Mhz
  • TCP/IP: Available
  • Serial Port: 3 Ports
  • Doorbell Relay: 3 Relays (Optional)
  • Number of Readers: 10
  • Bell Ringing Number: 24 bell ringing time can be defined for each relay. (Optional)
  • Anti-Passback Control: Available
  • Reader Connection Type: RS485
  • Area Capacity Control: Available
  • PC Connection Status: Viewed Online on Screen
  • Reader Connection Status: Viewed Online on Screen
  • 12 different time restrictions can be set for each area.
  • Restrictions can be set for each area to render it accessible or inaccessible on certain days of the week.


Model No: Pratik ACM SW

Description: Pratik ACM Software

Access Control Software Features

  • Works in combination with Pratik ACM control panel.
  • This software is used to track entries and exits on computers.
  • Install this software on your computer before activating the system.
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